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  • Fixed my computer in a week. Very responsive

    shelby helmlinger Avatar
    shelby helmlinger
  • Honest and efficient! We took in a gaming tower and gaming laptop on Monday, and had the tower back on Wednesday and the laptop back on Friday! We will definitely go back to MiTech for any of our computer needs!

    Kelly Vermeulen Avatar
    Kelly Vermeulen
  • Kelly did a great job troubleshooting my computer and getting it to a point where we could do our own install a new video card. Minor issue with incorrect version of Windows, that was easily fixed. I'd definitely use them again.

    Karen White Avatar
    Karen White
  • They did a great job, installed a new drive and put in a free anti-virsus protection. There prices are the best. Will use again.Thanks to all.

    Norman Bell Avatar
    Norman Bell
  • Great, knowledgeable staff and Art was a pleasure to work with, very honest individual. If those were not enough qualifiers, the price was a bit less than I anticipated. Why would I not give give MiTech Services my future business. I will indeed!

    Danny Boydston Avatar
    Danny Boydston
  • MiTech is so amazing at meeting your Tech Needs and extremely affordable! 🙂 Thanks!

    Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth Avatar
    Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth
  • Had problems with three different platforms with three different operating systems only thing they have in common is one great solution MiTech. Thanks

    Don Glockel Avatar
    Don Glockel
  • Awesome service! Very responsive!!!

    Steve Zoglmann Avatar
    Steve Zoglmann
  • Great Company!!!

    Rocky Jonhston Avatar
    Rocky Jonhston
  • Best in the business!! And great people too!

    Will Brown Avatar
    Will Brown
  • Mi Tech Services and the staff did an excellent job on repairing ( replaced hard drive) and updating my Lenovo Lap top from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Fast service and the computer runs smoothly and fast again. I highly recommend them!Thank you I

    Mike Martin Avatar
    Mike Martin
  • Have always welcomed me with open arms and answered all of my computer questions.

    Nathan Harbour Avatar
    Nathan Harbour
  • Art and Kelly are wonderful to work with. Anytime I need something they are quick to respond and fix the issue. Highly recommend!

    Allison Liberio Avatar
    Allison Liberio
  • Very helpful, professional and friendly. I use them for all my tech issues.

    Kuiama Mince Avatar
    Kuiama Mince

    Evelyn Pere Avatar
    Evelyn Pere
  • Art Cline of MiTech has been super helpful for our business. With same-day service and support, along with thoughtful cost-savings, we couldn't recommend MiTech highly enough. Thank you!

    Casey Kalz Avatar
    Casey Kalz
  • Exceptional service !! They are always quick to respond anytime we have a need. Highly recommend this company.

    Rebecca Powell Avatar
    Rebecca Powell
  • Wonderful Company! Thank you for helping us out.

    Swisher Dog Care Customer Service` Avatar
    Swisher Dog Care Customer Service`
  • excellent follow up service with great product knowledge

  • Great work, fast and efficient. They are very friendly and professional. 5/5

    Christian Hammons Avatar
    Christian Hammons
  • Art was very helpful in working out our IT issues. He helped fixing existing issues and set us up with updated equipment.

    Scott Callis Avatar
    Scott Callis
  • Very Professional ! Thank you !

    Adrian Pena Avatar
    Adrian Pena
  • Incredible service!

    MamaMax Avatar
  • Fast friendly service, receptionist was very helpful and friendly as well

    S E Avatar
    S E
  • Great service!

    Gavin Hamley Avatar
    Gavin Hamley
  • We have worked with Art for over 10 years! He is very reliable and professional.

    Christy Rodriguez Avatar
    Christy Rodriguez
  • Great service for a fair price. I love that they can log in remotely to my computer and resolve an issue quickly. I highly recommend MiTech Services!

    Sue Avatar
  • MiTech Services - The staff is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I’ve moved 6 hours away and still use them as they have given me first class service. I could not recommend them more.

    Lena Neudorf Avatar
    Lena Neudorf
  • Excellent experience with MiTech. Art is very knowledge and honest. I recently needed to replace my screen and rather than dragging out the process he quickly referred me to a different local company that could get it done faster and was a little more skilled. He could have easily drug his feet and done it himself in a longer and more expensive process, which he was honest about, instead he referred me and gave someone else my business. That is why he will always be the first person I call.

    Allison Medley Avatar
    Allison Medley
  • Best place in the DFW!

    Kelley Tews Avatar
    Kelley Tews
  • I highly recommend Mitech Services. They are very professional and thorough.

    Sabrina Onderko Avatar
    Sabrina Onderko
  • Their team was very knowledgeable and thorough. They found my problem fast and fixed it. They are the best.

    Dave Ervin Avatar
    Dave Ervin
  • Super friendly staff! They are always willing to help out with anything. I highly recommend them.

    Debbie Pierce Avatar
    Debbie Pierce
  • Customer service is great and they were efficient on solving issues!

    Angela Venzor Avatar
    Angela Venzor
  • Super helpful and friendly team of people! Got my PC ready quickly with no issues at a very reasonable rate. Thanks once again!

    Adam Hasan Avatar
    Adam Hasan
  • Art is very knowledgeable and very quick to respond to any issues that I have. Great service, so glad I found a new IT guy. You have to be able to trust your IT guy. I would highly recommend this company!

    Karen Andruskiewicz Avatar
    Karen Andruskiewicz
  • Such kind people! Very good service 😁

    Emily Cox Avatar
    Emily Cox
  • Thanks for getting the PC back to normal.

    Bradley Hinson Avatar
    Bradley Hinson
  • Best IT service ever! Can't find this type of quality anywhere else!

    Chantay Cline Avatar
    Chantay Cline
  • Great it service. Very Professional and courteous.

    Alex Kitchell Avatar
    Alex Kitchell
  • Wonderful customer service. Can help you remotely. Saves some money. Art is a terrific guy!

    Fern Gerstein Avatar
    Fern Gerstein
  • Great people, great company! I appreciate how quickly they respond and their willingness to complete the job in a timely manner. Highly recommend them for any and all of your tech needs. Huge thanks to Art and his team!

    Chris Medley Avatar
    Chris Medley
  • Art is my go-to first-responder for all things IT. Knowledgeable, friendly, and trust-worthy. You can't go wrong working with Art -

    Demi Prentiss Avatar
    Demi Prentiss
  • It's so nice to know that whatever goes wrong with my computer I have someone trust worthy and professional to take care of it. I have them remote in so I don't have to leave my house. I've used MiTech Services for more than 5 years and couldn't be more pleased.

    Lori Henderson Avatar
    Lori Henderson
  • The MiTech team has been keeping my IT in check for at least 4 years now. They are quick to respond and offer reasonable solutions to any of my IT concerns! thank you team!!

    Jennifer Gordon Avatar
    Jennifer Gordon
  • Great knowledge and prompt service at a fair price

    Scott Randall Avatar
    Scott Randall
  • Art Cline and the MiTech team - is without doubt - the most knowledgeable and service oriented IT professionals that we have ever known. We have used them exclusively for 23 years and they have always been their for us. Technology issues always come up when you least expect them. However, Art Cline is truly a seasoned IT professional who can always take care of any software or hardware problem that we have. Additionally, he provides cutting edge solutions and upgrades when we need it. They are exceptional!Jake Krocheski - President of Client Connection

    Jake Krocheski Avatar
    Jake Krocheski
  • I have dealt with Art Cline over the years when I had computer problems. Am very pleased with his excellent service.R. E. Wolken

    ** Avatar
  • MiTech keeps my business computers and phones functional, safe, and updated. They show up when they say they will!

    Kathy King Avatar
    Kathy King
  • Excellent service!

    Maria Juarez Avatar
    Maria Juarez
  • Very pleased!

    PC ghip Avatar
    PC ghip
  • I have worked with MiTech for over 5 years in several different capacities -from daily I/T services and help desk, to currently protection. The team is honest, responsive and fairly priced. I absolutely recommend MiTech, and Art Cline.

    Kate Kuykendall Montgomery Avatar
    Kate Kuykendall Montgomery
  • Art is very professional and always provides a quick turn around on the task at hand. Thank you very much for always helping me with my computer needs.

    Nicole Kessler Avatar
    Nicole Kessler
  • Great job fixing my laptop. Also good info for future issues.

    Allen Judkiewicz Sr Avatar
    Allen Judkiewicz Sr
  • Art Cline, Mi Tech Services, is the best in keeping my old computer up and running efficiently. Some of my work is personal with most of it being volunteer work which often has deadlines just like in business. Art never hesitates to handle my small stuff. He is prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable. This is definitely a 5-star business.

    Susan Anderson Avatar
    Susan Anderson
  • Excellent company. Very knowledgeable in the hi tech world

    Nathan Jenson Avatar
    Nathan Jenson
  • I recommend MiTech Services as I have been very satisfied with their services. Art is always available and quick to respond when I need tech support.

    Jorge Zavala Avatar
    Jorge Zavala
  • MiTech was perfect for us. Other companies gave us proposals for more services than we requested or actually needed. MiTech designed just what we needed and scaled it perfectly for our small company. Great service during set up and great ongoing service. Art and staff are always responsive to our requests.

    jake Jacobson Avatar
    jake Jacobson
  • Art just takes care of your computing woes - go see ART!

    Catherine Miller Avatar
    Catherine Miller
  • Art and Kelly are the BEST!! They always do an outstanding job! They have helped us through so many problems. They are honest, trustworthy and dependable. They really are the greatest!!

    Elizabeth Donald Avatar
    Elizabeth Donald
  • Arthur Cline has responded very quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price. I would use him again without any hesitation.lionel

    lionel reiman Avatar
    lionel reiman
  • I personally consider Art with MiTech part of our team!! Reliable and very knowledgeable, our office depends on his expertise.

    Kimberly Nichols Avatar
    Kimberly Nichols
  • We get great service and technical support for our office. The MiTech team has been taking care of us for years. Whether it's installing and using new programs or helping us with hardware issues, MiTech has done a super job!

    Lisa Crook Avatar
    Lisa Crook
  • Great service

    Rode Chambers Avatar
    Rode Chambers
  • I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that Art Cline and MiTech Services provides for the best in IT work when it's needed. Many times, Art has helped my business, and business owners I've worked with thru my web design company. I'm happy to recommend MiTech because I know they will always be in good hands

    Lorne Thomas Avatar
    Lorne Thomas
  • I've worked with Art for over 10 years. He does great work!

    Nathan Pyle Avatar
    Nathan Pyle
  • Fast and friendly reliable service every time!!!

    Matt B Avatar
    Matt B
  • MiTech Services has been taking care of our company's system since 2007. He is very knowledgeable and keeping up with on-going technology which changing rapidly. Always looking for a new solution to the older technology. Art has been great!!! Thank you MiTech!

    KiSon Martinez Avatar
    KiSon Martinez
  • Art Cline and MiTech is a great company- has managed our systems and networks for years.

    capri peterson Avatar
    capri peterson
  • Very knowledgable, professional and always able to keep us up and running in a timely fashion.

    Cheryl Smith Avatar
    Cheryl Smith
  • MiTech is professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Not to mention, Art really knows his stuff! 🙂

    Ben De Boef Avatar
    Ben De Boef
  • Have used them for years. They do a great job.

    Brad Jackson Avatar
    Brad Jackson
  • Art has been wonderful! Quickly pulled us out of a crisis created by our prior IT tech who seemed to be over his head in trying to migrate our law firm's entire system to new software. Our system works great now. I highly recommend MiTech Services!

    Gretchen Benolken Avatar
    Gretchen Benolken
  • MiTech's Team is very responsive to our service requests. They are the best IT solution for small business.

    Jim Upchurch Avatar
    Jim Upchurch
  • Art Cline is so helpful and friendly. Keeps me from trying to “fix” my computer with a hammer. I love that he can dial in and fix things in off hours.

    Michelle McLaren Avatar
    Michelle McLaren

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