Millions Of T-Mobile Customers Data May Have Been Leaked

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Telecommunications giant T-Mobile is the latest victim of a large-scale data breach, with personal data belonging to more than two million of its customers having been leaked. The exposed information included customer name, phone number, email address, billing zip code, account number and whether the account was pre-paid or post-paid. As bad as that is, it could have been far … Read More

Another Data Breach, This Time At The Pentagon

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As many as 30,000 people made up of a mix of both civilian and military personnel have had their personal and financial information exposed. This exposure is what has been reported as a major security breach of the Pentagon. This is proof positive that no organization is safe from watchful hackers scattered all around the world. The Associated Press report … Read More

New Windows 10 Update Pulled For Unintended Data Deletion

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Microsoft is having problems, and those problems are spilling out onto the company’s massive user base. In a highly unusual move, the company pulled its latest Windows 10 update after receiving numerous complaints from users about missing files. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the company has had problems with updates to their OS. Back in April, the company delayed … Read More

Major Facebook Breach May Have Affected Your Account

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Facebook got hit hard by a currently unknown group of hackers. If you recently found yourself inexplicably logged out of the social media site, Facebook did it in response to the breach. The breach resulted in the theft of data pertaining to more than fifty million of the site’s users. Here’s what we know so far about the attack: • … Read More

Newest WiFi Version Will Be Called WiFi 6

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Most people don’t know what the latest version of WiFi is called. That’s the fault of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the group that manages the implementation of WiFi. Since their earliest days, the group has insisted on a highly unconventional version numbering scheme. If you’re curious, the current version is 802.11ac. The group’s numbering system isn’t very user friendly, which makes … Read More